Lifelong Colors - out March 22th

Lifelong Colors is Red Javelins seventh release. A love ballad in lifelong hues with a music video where we have surpassed our personal best in terms of color variation. 

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Circles - out January 12th

“Circles” is about the people who once played significant roles in our lives but now have drifted away. It all took place in Rome, Italy, during years of music, friendship and finding the space and time to grow. 

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Party Like Ricky Gervais - out October 27th

Party Like Ricky Gervais is a dance-disco mood booster!

As I watched Ricky Gervais brilliantly roast Hollywood’s finest when hosting the Golden Globes, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened once the cameras stopped rolling? Did the celebrities stay mad, or did they join in on the laughter? Did Ricky continue to charm the room with his sharp tongue, all while sipping on a cold beer? 
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Fire - flaming dance

Fire is an energetic and uplifting dance music song featuring an infectious retro vocoder refrain. The song captures the allure and the tendency to flee like a runaway train when the flames of passion ignite.
Enjoy the sneak peek of the upcoming video!

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First We Love - a sad lovestory

First We Love is love is a sad lovestory in a full orchestration.

The colorfull and sad music video is made by Daniel Bror Palm and Patrick Lindfors and was filmed in Stockholm. 


Oh C - Are you somewhere where you want to be?

Oh C is one of those songs that was written in an hour and recorded during a day.

A one-sided-love story where we wonder if C is somewhere where she wants to be in her life.
The music video is made by Daniel Bror Palm and Patrick Lindfors and was filmed in Stockholm. 


Stockholm Parade - a tribute to Greta

The song and the music video are a tribute to Greta Thunberg’s inspiring journey from starting a climate strike outside the Swedish Parliament to becoming one of the most influential voices to take immediate action on climate changes. Video by Tönt and directed by Joakim Agervald

About Red Javelin

Red Javelin is a Stockholm-based artist and creative space devoted to creating music and videos that evoke emotions and moods. New music and videos will be continuously released.


The artist’s name, Red Javelin, combines the lead singer Patrick’s two passions: music and coaching the throwing events in athletics. Red stands for the musical and visual emotions, while Javelin draws inspiration from throwing.


Distribution by The Orchard and Label Javelin Music